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Abranopp©- The revolutionary cleaning system

The solution for the cleaning of structured floors are the Abranopp®-cleaning pads. Their abrasive grains, bobbled texture and size enable the pad to adapt to hard flooring structures and achieve throrough in-depth cleaning results.

The Abranopp® cleaning pads have been specially developed with this problem in mind and offer a quick and effective solution. Given the size and shape of their bobbles as well as the abrasive particles used, the Abranopp® cleaning pads can be adapted to meet various requirements and are optimized for the cleaning of structured floors. Patent number: 2 353 484

ABRANOPP® Purple. Pad with a very fine abrasive grain for the removal of adherent dirt and slight foot marks. For grinding, e.g., removal of adhesive layers on new flooring prior to the application of sealants.

ABRANOPP® Grey. More aggressive pad for maintenance cleaning of very over-maintained floors.

ABRANOPP® Green. Pad with a coarse abrasive grain, aggressive for the quick and thorough removal of older layers, such as metal-net plastic/PU coatings and for stripping away old wax.

ABRANOPP® Schmutz-weg. Pad for the basic cleaning and wet scrubbing of hard flooring and for the removal of tough soiling, e.g., heel marks.

ABRANOPP® White. Abrasive-free pad for removing light dirt when polishing and waxing. For levelling out after application of care products.
  Article no. Article no.
Colour 335x485 mm 190x340 mm
purple-fine 948-purple 949-purple
grey-medium 948-grey 949-grey
948-green 949-green
schmutz weg    
 Purchase unit: 5, foilwrapped

useit© - Superfinishing Pad SG

The useit-Super finishing Pad SG/SG-2 series can be used on a wide range of surfaces. The thorough cleaning of heavily soiled floors, the adaptation of different degrees of shine in sealed flooring.
Superfinishing pad SG discs
  Article no. Article no.
Grit 335x485 mm 190x340 mm
240 148-S/G 240 149-S/G 240
600 148-S/G 600 149-S/G 600
1500 148-S/G 1500 149-S/G 1500
1800 148-S/G2 1800 149-S/G2 1800
Purchase unit: 10, foilwrapped

BlueWave© - Melamine Pad   

Melamin cleaning sponge for the cleaning of stubborn stains and dirt on smooth and hard surfaces. Cleaned easily only with water. Available in different shapes and dimensions.
Superfinishing pad SG discs
Article no. Article no.
335x485 mm   190x340 mm  
BW-335x485 BW-190x340
Purchase unit: 5, foilwrapped