Jöst P1 Sanding System MAX

A powerful angle grinder for the P1 dust-free sanding system. Artikkel no. P1-MAX/3


  • Dust-free sanding with the P1 sanding system
  • Constant electronics with soft start for constant speed, even under load
  • Overload protection
  • Restart protection prevents accidental switching on after power interruption • ¨
  • Spindle lock for quick and easy tool change
  • Dust-proof motor and transmission mounts ensure long life
  • Vibration-absorbing auxiliary handle reduces vibration by up to 45% thanks to the use of thermoplastic elastomers and a special ergo- nomic handle
  • 4 meters of power cable
  • Cut-off carbon brushes


  • Power consumption: 1200 Watt
  • Idle speed: 600-2800 min
  • Weight: 2,9 kg
  • Spindle thread: M14


Artikkel  Dimension   Artikkel No.
P1-backing plate complete 136 mm Ø P1-136
P1-backing plate complete 156 mm Ø P1-156
P1-backing plate complete 210 mm Ø P1-210
P1-Velcro base 136 mm Ø KT-136
P1-Velcro base 156 mm Ø KT-156
P1-Velcro base 210 mm Ø KT-210

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