discs for orbital sanders and angle grinders

useit©- Superpad P

useit12.gif ®-Superpad P: Thanks to the patented structure and the overall perforation the sanding dust that is produced is removed by suction permanently and across the entire surface, sanding is almost dust-free. With its perforations the clogging of the pad is prevented. This keeps contact and removal to the optimum. useit12.gif®-Superpad P fits on all manual sanders with or without suction removal. Storage costs for the pads are reduced to a minimum. 
    Article no. Article no. Article no. Article no. Article no.
Grit    Colour ø 80 mm ø 128 mm ø 150 mm ø 200 mm ø 280 mm
40 red 519-A40 516-A40 517-A40 518-A40 520-A40
60 red 519-A60 516-A60 517-A60 518-A60 520-A60
80 gold 519-A80 516-A80 517-A80 518-A80 520-A80
100 gold 519-A100 516-A100 517-A100  518-A100 520-A100
120 gold 519-A120 516-A120 517-A120  518-A120 520-A120
150 gold 519-A150 516-A150 517-A150  518-A150 520-A150
180 gold 519-A180 516-A180 517-A180 518-A180 520-A180
220 gold 519-A220 516-A220 517-A220  518-A220 520-A220
240 gold 519-A240 516-A240 517-A240 518-A240 520-A240
280 gold 519-A280 516-A280 517-A280  518-A280 520-A280
320 gold 519-A320 516-A320 517-A320  518-A320 520-A320
360 gold 519-A360 516-A360 517-A360  518-A360 520-A360
400 gold 519-A400 516-A400 517-A400  518-A400 520-A400
500 gold 519-A500 516-A500 517-A500 518-A500 520-A500
600 gold 519-A600 516-A600 517-A600 518-A600  520-A600 
1 Purchase unit = 30 pieces
1 Purchase unit = 10 pieces (artikkel no: ..... /SB) 
Abrafilm® is excellent for the sanding of hard lacquers, stone and screed thanks to its extremely hard zirconium or ceramic grit, allow fantastic surface finishes to be achieved without grit break-out and ring formation.The useit12.gif®-Abrafilm offers excellent cutting performances and has an extremely durable and tearproof film carrier. The multi-hole perforation of the abrasive in combination with the multilayer structure of the Velcro-type system guarantees the exact alignment of the abrasive grain. This leads to continuous dust extraction over the entire surface, optimum sanding results and a much higher service life.  
Abrafilm pads disc
    Article no. Article no. Article no.
Grit Colour ø 80 mm ø 128 mm ø 150 mm
40 green 619-Z 40 616-Z 40 617-Z 40
60 green 619-Z 60 616-Z 60 617-Z 60
80 green 619-Z 80 616-Z 80 617-Z 80
100 green 619-Z100 616-Z100 617-Z100
150 green 619-Z150 616-Z150 617-Z150
240 green 619-Z240 616-Z220 617-Z240
400 green 619-C400 616-C400 617-C400
500 green 619-C500 616-C500 617-C500
800 green 619-C800 616-C800 617-C800
1200 green 619-C1200  616-C1200  617-C1200
1500 green 619-C1500 616-C1500 617-C1500
2000 green 619-C2000 616-C2000 617-C2000
2500 green 619-C2500  616-C2500 617-C2500
3000 green 619-C3000 616-C3000 617-C3000
Purchase unit: 25

useit®- Superfinishing Pad SG

useit12.gif ®-Superfinishing-Pad SG is a high-performance abrasive with a 6 times higher performance at the final polishing stage compared to conventional abrasives.
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Grit Colour ø 128 mm ø 150 mm ø 200 mm ø 280 mm
240 grey 127-SG-240 128-SG-240 132-SG-240 134-SG-240
320 grey 127-SG-320 128-SG-320 132-SG-320 134-SG-320
600 grey 127-SG-600 128-SG-600 132-SG-600 134-SG-600
800 grey 127-SG-800 128-SG-800 132-SG-800 134-SG-800
1200 grey 127-SG-1200 128-SG-1200  132-SG-1200 134-SG-1200
1500 grey 127-SG-1500 128-SG-1500 132-SG-1500 134-SG-1500
Purchase unit: 25

useit®- Superfinishing Pad SG2

The new useit12.gif®-Superfinishing-Pad SG2 differs from the well-known Superfinishing-Pad SG: the abrasive grains are bonded to a dense cloth, not to a nylon fiber mesh. The useit12.gif®-Superfinishing-Pad SG2 is more suitable for the primer coat sanding, for removing paint sagging, dust inclusions, for the smoothing of orange-peel, for spot repair, for the blending of transitions, for vehicle body repair, for the sanding of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. useit12.gif®-Superfinishing-Pad SG2 is applicable for wet and dry sanding. Due to its open structure the useit12.gif®-Superfinishing-Pad SG2 is always recommended for applications where the sanding develops a lot of dust. The dust will be removed continuously through the whole surface of the disc.
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Grit Colour ø 80 mm ø 128 mm ø 150 mm ø 200 mm ø 280 mm
800 grey 130-SG2-800 127-SG2-800 128-SG2-800 132-SG2-800 134-SG2-800
1600 grey 130-SG2-1600  127-SG2-1600  128-SG2-1600 132-SG2-1600 134-SG2-1600 
1800 grey 130-SG2-1800 127-SG2-1800 128-SG2-1800 132-SG2-1800 134-SG2-1800
2000 grey 130-SG2-2000 127-SG2-2000 128-SG2-2000 132-SG2-2000 134-SG2-2000 
2500 grey 130-SG2-2500 127-SG2-2500 128-SG2-2500 132-SG2-2500 134-SG2-2500 
3000 grey 130-SG2-3000 127-SG2-3000 128-SG2-3000 132-SG2-3000 134-SG2-3000 
4000 grey 130-SG2-4000 127-SG2-4000 128-SG2-4000 132-SG2-4000  134-SG2-4000 
Purchase unit: 25
for angle grinders. 
    Article no.
Grit Colour ø 118 mm
800 grey 116-SG2-800
1600 grey 116-SG2-1600 
1800 grey 116-SG2-1800
2000 grey 116-SG2-2000
2500 grey 116-SG2-2500
3000  grey 116-SG2-3000
Purchase unit: 25
Interface-Pad. Applied in conjunction with useit12.gif®-Superfinishing-Pad SG2, to even different sanding pressures to achieve an optimal sanding result.
  Article no.
Description ø 115 mm
Interface-pad  AD-115/15-W 
Purchase unit: 1

useit®- Superfinishing Pad SG3

The useit12.gif®-Superfinishing-Pad SG3 offers an enormous savings potential compared to conventional processing with filt or paste in the fields of high-gloss lacquered surfaces, GFK surfaces, metals or solid surface minerals. The adaptability is significantly higher and the danger of sanding through corrugations and edges is considerably reduced. The pads adapt particularly well to roundings and curved surfaces. The pads are suitable either for dry or wet sanding. 
    Article no. Article no. Article no.
Grit Colour ø 77 mm ø 128 mm ø 150 mm
180 grey 130-SG3-180 127-SG3-180 128-SG3-180
360 grey 130-SG3-360 127-SG3-360 128-SG3-360
500 grey 130-SG3-500 127-SG3-500 128-SG3-500
600 grey 130-SG3-600  127-SG3-600  128-SG3-600
1000 grey 130-SG3-1000  127-SG3-1000  128-SG3-1000
2000 grey 130-SG3-2000 127-SG3-2000 128-SG3-2000
3000 grey 130-SG3-3000 127-SG3-3000 128-SG3-3000
4000 grey 130-SG3-4000 127-SG3-4000 128-SG3-4000
Purchase unit: 20

useit®-dust disc

The useit12.gif®-dust disc is suitable for the removal of residual dust from sanded surfaces.
  Article no. Article no Article no
Description ø 128 mm ø 150 mm ø 200 mm
Dust-disc  STS-128  STS-150 STS-200
Purchase unit: 1

Foam adapter for Superpad P and Superfinishing pad SG

Foam adapter for chamfered edges ø 160 mm, in combination with Superpad P and Superfinishing-Pad SG, ø 200 mm. It protrudes over the edge of the orbital sander thanks to its diameter of 160mm. Used together with our 200mm-diameter useit12.gif®-sanding discs, it is especially suitable for sanding the chamfered edges of solid surface material. And the foam adapter's combi-perforation enables it to fit a wide range of popular backing plates by well-known machine manufacturers.
  Article no.
Description ø 160 x 20 mm  
Foam-adapter   AD-160/20
Purchase unit: 1