useit©- Superpad P

The useit-multi-hole abrasives Superpad P for wooden floors and intemediate finish sanding.
    Article no. Article no. Article no.
Grit    Colour ø 136 mm ø 156 mm ø 210 mm
40 yellow 733-A40 743-A40 744-A40
60 yellow 733-A60 743-A60 744-A60
80 yellow 733-A80 743-A80 744-A80
120 yellow 733-A120 743-A120 744-A120 
1 Purchase unit = 30 pieces


Abrafilm® is excellent for the sanding of hard lacquers, stone and screed thanks to its extremely hard zirconium or ceramic grit, allow fantastic surface finishes to be achieved without grit break-out and ring formation.
Abrafilm pads disc
    Article no. Article no. Article no.
Grit Colour ø 136 mm ø 156 mm ø 210 mm
40 green 633-Z 40 643-Z 40 644-Z 40
60 green 633-Z 60 643-Z 60 644-Z 60
80 green 633-Z 80 643-Z 80 644-Z 80
120 green 633-Z120 643-Z120  644-Z120
150 green 633-Z150 643-Z150 644-Z150
180 green 633-Z180 643-Z180 644-Z180
220 green 633-Z220 643-Z220 644-Z200
320 green 633-C320 643-C320 644-C320
400 green 633-C400 643-C400 644-C400
500 green 633-C500 643-C500 644-C500
800 green 633-C800 643-C800 644-C800
1200 green 633-C1200  643-C1200  644-C1200
1500 green 633-C1500 643-C1500 644-C1500
2000 green 633-C2000 643-C2000 644-C2000
3000 green 633-C3000 643-C3000 644-C3000
Purchase unit: 10

useit© - Superfinishing Pad SG2

The useit-Super finishing Pad SG-2 series can be used on a wide range of surfaces. The thorough cleaning of heavily soiled floors, the adaptation of different degrees of shine in sealed flooring or the reconditioning of old laminate and parquet floors: this pad has the perfect solution for every application.
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Grit Colour ø 136 mm ø 156 mm ø 210 mm
600 grey 133-SG2 600 143-SG2 600 144-SG2 600 
800 grey
133-SG2 800 
143-SG2 800 144-SG2 600
1500 grey 133-SG2 1500 143-SG2 1500 144-SG2 1500
1800 grey 133-SG2 1800 143-SG2 1800 144-SG2 1800 
2500 grey 133-SG2 2500 143-SG2 2500 144-SG2 2500 
3000 grey 133-SG2 3000 143-SG2 3000 144-SG2 3000 
 1 Purchase unit = 30 pieces

useit© - Superfinishing Pad SG3

For the processing of high gloss varnishes, GFK surfaces, metals and slid surface material the useit®-Superfinishing-Pad SG3 offers a tremendous savings potential compared to conventional polishing methods such as felt and paste. The abrasives grain is applied to a fabric with the help of a special coating method. Thanks to the thick foam backing, the grains line up independently during the sanding process – and this results in a uniform sanding performance and a perfect surface.
Sanding through of corrugations and edges is avoided and the pad adapts extraordinarily well to all kinds of curves. Like the useit®-Superfinishing-Pad SG and SG2, the useit®-Superfinishing-Pad SG3 is also suitable for wet and dry sanding.
    Article no. Article no. Article no.
Grit Colour ø 136 mm ø 156 mm ø 210 mm
360 grey 133-SG3 360 143-SG3 360 144-SG3 360 
500 grey 133-SG3 500 143-SG3 500 144-SG3 500
600 grey 133-SG3 600 143-SG3 600 144-SG3 600
1000 grey 133-SG3 1000 143-SG3 1000 144-SG3 1000
2000 grey 133-SG3 2000 143-SG3 2000 144-SG3 2000 
3000 grey 133-SG3 3000 143-SG3 3000 144-SG3 3000 
4000 grey 133-SG3 4000 143-SG3 4000 144-SG3 4000 
 1 Purchase unit = 30 pieces

Interface pad

Interface pad in 5 or 15mm high for absorbing pressure during sanding for an even more equal result.
  Article no. Article no. Article no.
Height    ø 136 mm ø 156 mm ø 210 mm
5 mm AD-136/5 AD-156/5 AD-210/5
15 mm AD-136/5 AD-156/15 AD-210/15
1 Purchase unit = 1 piece